Monthly Archive: March 2009

Emma Roberts GQ

What better way for Emma Roberts to celebrate turning 18 than doing a photoshoot for GQ right?  Up next, Maxim and then Playboy?

Anna Faris Arena

What is she promoting lately? It’s gotta be a movie or something.  She’s been on a whole lot of magazine covers lately.  Here she is on the cover of the new issue of Arena Magazine.

Jennifer Love Hewitt Mexico Vacation

Some new photos of Jennifer Love Hewitt and ex-boyfriend now new boyfriend Jamie Kennedy on vacation in Mexico.  Isn’t it nice to see Jennifer Love Hewitt looking good in a bikini again?

Scarlett Johansson Moet Tribute

I think Scarlett Johansson has changed her image again, wasn’t she blonde not too long ago?  Oh well, not like anyone is paying any attention to the color of her hair anyways.

Jessica Alba Stroll in Park

I still can’t believe that Jessica Alba is a mommy. Yeah we all know she is a hot MAMI, but now she’s a hot MILF. If you look up the word MILF in the dictionary, you’ll see a photo of Jessica Alba.  A true definition!