Monthly Archive: July 2009

Beyonce Bikini Photos from Miami

For a little while the paparazzi wasn’t able to get photos of Beyonce in a bikini. Every time they took photos at the beach she was wearing lots of clothing and that wasn’t good! Not that anybody hasn’t seen her in a bikini before. Well, here are some fresh Beyonce bikini photos once again, this time she is poolside in Miami.

Megan Fox attends Comic Con

I’m not sure when Comic Con became such a big event, but recently many celebrities have been attending it.  Including stars like Megan Fox as seen here promoting her future movie “Jonah Hex“.  I also added an older video from our YouTube channel of Megan Fox before she appeared in Transformers and became the internet phenomenon that she is today.  Did I mention she’s wearing a bikini.

Megan Fox Bikini Video from our YouTube Channel:

Ali Larter Upskirt Photos

Heroes actress Ali Larter gets caught by those sneaky paparazzi bending over and giving them an opportunity to snap some upskirt photos.

Miley Cyrus See Through Shirt

Not exactly the kind of see through photos that I’m sure most of you were hoping for.  Nonetheless, here are a few Miley Cyrus see through photos from the set of a movie that she is filming called “The Last Song

Jennifer Connelly Bikini Photos

Not as hot as she was when she was younger, but still a hot MILF.  Here are some Jennifer Connelly bikini photos from Bora Bora.

Masha Malinovskaya Russian Maxim

A Russian chick in the Russian version of Maxim.  Don’t ask me what she is famous for in Russia though because I have no idea.  Her name is Masha Malinovskaya and that’s all I know.

Naomi Watts Bikini Photos from Italy

English Actress Naomi Watts is seen here vacationing in Naples, Italy.  I’m not sure if these Naomi Watts bikini pictures were taken before or after her recent airport injury.  She looks okay in these pictures though.

Scarlett Johansson Mango Photoshoot

Actress Scarlett Johansson started her campaign with Mango a little while back.  We posted a few of the photos before, but here are a few more high quality photos from a recent photoshoot she did for Mango’s fall/winter campaign.