Monthly Archive: August 2009

Kelly Brook is Loaded!

Here is Kelly Brook posing and looking sexy for her calendar photos (I think?) for Loaded.

Kristin Cavallari Bikini Photos

I just can’t seem to avoid posting bikini photos of Kristin Cavallari even though it seems like photos are released almost everyday.  Here she is again at the beach, this time on set for her reality show “The Hills

Megan Fox Gets Ticketed

Megan Fox doesn’t look too happy after getting a parking ticket.  Nothing like an angry hot chick in tight spandex and stripper shoes.  Nice ass!

Kirsten Dunst has Blue Hair

Actress Kirsten Dunst is seen here dancing and posing as some kind of Japanimation character or something while in Tokyo?

Ali Landry Bikini Photos

Ali Landry must have realized that she was getting some attention on the internet these days because after a drought of  a few years with nothing about her she’s suddenly spotted in a bikini again in less than a month.  These photos seem staged to me, but all attention starved celebs are doing it lately.  I think it’s a fad.  I’m not sure it really helps their career though.

Kristen Stewart Dazed and Confused

We all know Kristen Stewart is Dazed and Confused from all the weed that she smokes.  Well she’s living up to her title representing the September issue of Dazed and Confused magazine.

Carmen Electra Bikini Photos

I’m not really sure if people still want to see Carmen Electra bikini photos.  Considering the fact that she’s getting old and she’s been seen in a bikini 2,364,584 times some might be bored of her.  Okay…so that’s not exactly the amount of times she’s been photographed in a bikini, I’m sure it’s gotta be close though.  Anyways, here she is getting some sun and still looking pretty good even without makeup.

Christina Hendricks Esquire Photos

Christina Hendricks and her huge boobies were seen out and about while running some errands.  The feisty redhead from Mad Men also posed for a recent issue of Esquire.