Monthly Archive: September 2009

Sophie Monk Bikini Nipple Slip

Well…I guess we get to see Sophie Monk’s nude nipples before she does Playboy.  I haven’t heard anywhere that she is going to do Playboy, but my crystal ball tells me it’s coming someday.  You know Heff likes these kind of women.  Just a matter of time or money until it happens in my opinion.  Not that we haven’t seen Sophie nude before.

Anna Paquin Bikini Photos

Hey guys…it’s been a while.  I know it seems to happen every now and then with the lack of posts from this website.  Gonna try to get back to doing the daily posts as usual.  Anyways, I decided to start off the posts with these Anna Paquin bikini photos (sort of).  She gave us the wet t-shirt photos, but only if she didn’t wear that bikini underneath.  What the hell is the point wearing a bikini if you’re gonna wear clothing over it.  Especially with a fugly face…give us something to work with Anna.

Kelly Brook Ralph Lauren Shoot

Holy shit!  They cloned nude versions of Kelly Brook.  Exact replicas were made of her big boobies.  Now only if they did a little work on her face.  Oh well, who can complain with 3 pairs of giant melons.

Amanda Seyfried GQ Photos

You may recognize Amanda Seyfried as the lesbo from Jennifer’s Body.  Her and Megan Fox do a love/sex scene together in the movie.  Probably the only reason to see the movie.  Here are some hq scans from GQ.

Ashley Greene Saturday Night

When did Ashley Greene become so popular on the internet?  Oh yeah, it was probably those Ashley Greene nude photos she had released from her cell phone.  I guess to get a career in Hollywood you just need to do some low budget gig and then take nude photos and post them on the internet to start some buzz around your name.  Has seemed to work for many other celebs.  Temporarily at least.

Marisa Miller Nude Bathtub

Here are some photos from Room 23 of Marisa Miller nude in the bathtub.  I swear she seems to get more work than any other model in the biz.

Milla Jovovich Nude and Topless

I don’t really see the fascination with Milla Jovovich, but Milla Jovovich nude photos are always good.  Even if she does have tiny boobies.  Here she is in Purple magazine.