Monthly Archive: October 2009

Amber Heard Doesn’t Horrify Me

I’m not sure where this recent FHM issue is from, but I don’t think it was printed in the U.S.  From what I’ve heard they no longer print magazine issues for the United States.  So it’s gotta be a foreign issue.  The “Scream QueenAmber Heard is seen in the Horror Special issue.  I don’t get it? Absolutely nothing horrifying about these photos.  Maybe stimulating!

Katy Perry Pumps Gas in the 80’s

Katy Perry is seen here pumping gas in Los Angeles wearing an old Kelly Bundy wardrobe, mini skirt and cut shirt. Looks like she is dating one of Kelly Bundy’s boyfriends too. For those of you who are too young to remember Kelly Bundy. Look it up “Married with Children“.

Miley Cyrus Stockings and Bra

Miley Cyrus is seen arriving at Sushi Dan Restaurant in Los Angeles wearing a black mini skirt and net stockings.  Looking perfect to play the stripper role in a movie.  Or you can just go to one of her concerts for that kind of show.  Also, a couple of photos of a recent interview she did giving us a bra peek.

Naomi Watts Ass in Jean

Here is actress Naomi Watts returning to her home in New York City and showing off her tight little arse.

January Jones in GQ

I have to say that January Jones is one of my favorites these days.  She doesn’t seem to get that much attention except from Madmen fans.  She’s not the greatest actress and maybe that’s why she doesn’t get more acting gigs in big movies.  I’m not a huge fan of the show, but if I do watch it, Miss Jones is the primary reason.  These photos are a few days old and I’m sure some of you have already seen some of them.  I was waiting to get higher quality photos before I posted.  I managed to find 3 hq’s, but that’s it.  So here are the set of GQ photos and outtakes plus a video.  Enjoy!

GQ Outtake Video:

Tricia Helfer and Grace Park in Maxim

Battlestar babes Tricia Helfer and Grace Park appear in the recent issue of Maxim.  The two intergalactic hotties shed some skin and are nearly nude in these photos.  I’ve never seen the show, but maybe I’ll start watching since these photos have sparked my interest.

Eva Longoria is Eventful

Here are some photos of Eva Longoria attending a couple different events.  The first set is from A Rally for Kids with Cancer in Miami Beach. The second set is Eva and friends getting a L’Oreal star in Hollywood. Seems like they give anyone a Hollywood star these days.

Navi Rawat Gets a Numb3r in Maxim

Well she didn’t make the cover, but Navi Rawat from the CBS show Numb3rs is deserving of a spread in Maxim.  Here are thr3e photos of Navi Rawat all wet and semi-nude from the November 2009 issue of Maxim.

Victoria Justice Personal Cell Phone Photos

Well, not the kind of cell phone leak photos of Victoria Justice I’m sure many of you were hoping for.  Just the typical girl’s photos of her everyday activities.  I know naked and scandalous pictures of teenage celebrities have become the norm, but no nude photos here.  Sorry to disappoint.