Monthly Archive: February 2010

Sandra Bullock in Spandex

Sandra Bullock seems to have made a comeback in Hollywood the past couple of years.  She was a pretty big star in the early to mid-90’s then she sort of fell off.  Well, she’s back…at least temporarily, but if she keeps making movies like All About Steve it wouldn’t surprise me to see her career head into the toilet again.  Sort of like the movie.  Anyway, here she is at her home wearing some tight Nike spandex.  At least she’s still got a decent looking arse.

Selena Gomez Engaged?

Here is Selena Gomez looking fashionable at the NAACP Image Awards show.  Do you guys notice that ring on her finger?  First Hilary Duff gets engaged, now is Selena Gomez engaged?  She’s a little too young to be getting engaged…don’t you think?

Hilary Duff is a Gym Rat

Hilary Duff is seen leaving a gym in Los Angeles.  Guess she’s trying to stay fit for her future wedding.

Kristen Stewart Nipple Slip Photos

These are more see-thru photos of Kristen Stewart than nipple slip, but you can slightly see her nipple through her dress.  Actually, the photos are more pokie photos than anything.  Anyway, here she is attending the Burberry Fashion show.

Avril Lavigne Wet in London

It would have been better if Avril Lavigne was wet in London wearing all white.  I wonder if she got all wet before or after she watched the premiere of Alice in Wonderland?  That would have sucked to sit through the whole movie soaking wet.

Ashley Tisdale Booty Photos

These are various photos of Ashley Tisdale.  The first set is her at the Burberry fashion show.  The other two sets are basically booty shots…no other description needed.

Topless Girls of GQ UK

In order of appearance we have: Liliana Dominquez, Maja Latinovic, Marisa Miller, Michelle Buswell, Tiiu Kuik and Michelle Alves.  These photos are from the March 2010 issue of GQ (UK). You even get their autograph’s…how nice.

Kim Kardashian Big Butt Photos

I think we all know by now that Kim Kardashian has a ginormous buttocks.  They should give her ass it’s own reality show.  But then who would watch Keeping up with the Kardashians?