Monthly Archive: March 2010

Ali Larter’s Tight Ass

Here is native Jersey Girl Ali Larter out shopping in tights.  I would have waited behind her in line all day!

Cameron Diaz’s Daisy Duke Carwash

I bet she made a lot of tips. I knew her career was going downhill, but who knew she would have to resort to this.  What’s next?  Cameron Diaz nude carwashing.  I hope!

Erin Andrews Dances Her Ass Off

It looks like the whole Peephole video of Erin Andrews naked is working out after all. Even though it’s only Dancing with the Stars Erin Andrews has made it from ESPN to Hollywood. Who knows if it helps her career from here, but it’s a start. If you’re looking for fame ladies…all you have to do to get your name out there is make a porno or release nude videos to get the internet paparazzi interested to boost your name. It’s a simple formula, but I guess you do need to be a little famous beforehand. Or you can try the other method that the whores use…which is sleeping with Tiger Woods.

Katy Perry Cleavage for the Kids

Katy Perry was causing thousands of teenage boys to have wet dreams after showing her beautiful cleavage and getting slimed at the Kids Choice Award Show.  I wish I could slime her.

Madeline Zima at the Tribeca Film Festival

I guess you could call Madeline Zima a “C” or “D” list celebrity.  She’s had her share of small roles in fairly popular shows: Heroes, Californication, and Grey’s Anatomy to name a few. All I know is that she’s looking red hot while attending the Tribeca Film Festival

Peyton List in Maxim (April)

I’m adding Peyton List to the list of female celebrities that I’d like to see more of.  Preferably with less clothing.  Here are a couple of photos from the April issue of Maxim.  I wish there were more.

Mandy Moore and the Toilet Bowl

I hope all those toilet bowls are clean.  Mandy Moore and friends are seen here attending a World Water Day event on Capitol Hill.

Kristen Stewart in Sherman Oaks

Here is Kristen Stewart leaving her home in Sherman Oaks, California.  It’s kind of strange to see her smiling.  She always seems so down.  Maybe she’s happy because she just got done smoking a big doobie.  She’s known for loving that ganja.