Monthly Archive: April 2010

Ashlee Simpson Hawaii Bikini Photos

Do people really even care about the Simpson girls anymore…especially Ashlee?  I know I could care less.  Although these Ashlee Simpson bikini photos aren’t half bad.

Katy Perry and Taylor Swift Out for Dinner

Katy Perry “Kissed a Girl” and it was Taylor Swift.  Probably not…at least not in these photos.  You know she wanted to though.  Why else would they be on a dinner date?

Kelly Brook Bikini Photos from Mauritius

Does anybody know where Mauritius is?  If you do, you’re smarter than I am because I had to look it up.  Here is butterface Kelly Brook in a bikini at the beach.  Her face really isn’t that ugly, but if it were just a little prettier she’d be a perfect ten.  Her body is definitely a 10, and her boobs are an 11!

Beyonce is Bikini Nippleicious

Hey if Beyonce can make up words, so can I.  I actually kind of think “Nippleicious” sounds pretty hip…not really.  Anyway, here she is in Hawaii with one of those stupid 1-piece bikinis.  At least there was a wardrobe malfunction and we got a nipple slip out of it.  No bootylicious photos though.

Scarlett Johansson Iron Man 2 Photocall

I can’t wait to see the new Iron Man 2.  I liked the first one.  There was a little bit of corny comedy in it, but overall the acting, story and CG I enjoyed.  The sequel seems to have a better cast and has the potential to be better than the first.  Plus it has Scarlett Johansson in it which makes me want to see the movie even more.  Here she is at the Iron Man 2 photocall.

Kate Bosworth Bikini Photos

Kate Bosworth and her boyfriend enjoy some private time near the pool.  Did I say private time?  Doesn’t look so private to me.  The only thing that’s private about these photos is where Kate Bosworth is putting her face.

Jessica Hart Bikini Photos

If I knew more about her I’d tell you, but I don’t.  So all I can say is enjoy the Jessica Hart bikini photos.

Lucy Pinder Topless Again

Lucy Pinder has big beautiful natural breasts.  That’s really all I could think of to write.  I am so mesmerized right now.