Monthly Archive: May 2010

Megan Fox Bra Peek at Airport

I guess Megan Fox was trying to make it easier for the airport security to do their job. All she had to do to prove she wasn’t carrying a bomb was open her shirt and show them there was nothing but a pink bra. However, TSA may still have had problems because they might have thought she was “Da Bomb”…hehe. Sorry, silly joke.

Megan Fox pink bra slip at airport Megan Fox flipping her hair Megan Fox bra exposed at airport
Megan Fox sexy open shirt Megan Fox bra malfunction at airport

Dakota Fanning Wearing Tight Spandex

Dakota Fanning was out at a charity event at UCLA. It looks like the pedo bear found her and decided to make a donation for her cause. Is it really the UCLA mascot or is it really the pedo bear in disguise?

Dakota Fanning tight spandex at UCLA Dakota Fanning stretching in spandex Dakota Fanning yoga posture in tights Dakota Fanning posing with kid at UCLA Dakota Fanning bent over posing Dakota Fanning ass pickup by UCLA bear

Dakota Fanning Bonus Prom Pictures:

Nina Dobrev Attends CW Event

Nina Dobrev has been getting some love from our site lately.  I’m not sure when she came bursting on to the scene, but I’ve been seeing a lot of photos of her recently.  I hope to see a lot more of this little hottie in the future and hopefully with photos that are a tad bit more revealing.

Nina Dobrev black dress at CW Event Nina Dobrev cleavage at CW event
Nina Dobrev breasts exposed at CW Show Nina Dobrev blue flower in hair Nina Dobrev sexy facial

Miranda Kerr See Through Photos

If anyone has read my posts then they know how much I hate black and white photos.  Take these photos for example…sure Miranda Kerr looks sexy and all, but wouldn’t you like to see her nice pink nipples in color?  I know I would.  Leave the artsy photos for the artists.  When it comes to nudity, I want to see it in full color!

Miranda Kerr completely nude near fireplace Miranda Kerr legs spread with see through Miranda Kerr see through top and nipples
Miranda Kerr topless facing away Miranda Kerr sitting on floor

Alexis Bledel’s Coffee Outing in NYC

I haven’t done too many posts about Alexis Bledel.  As a matter of fact I haven’t done any.  So congratulations Alexis, you made it to the most beloved celebrity website on the net, lol.  Aren’t you proud?  Now you have something to brag about to all your friends at your next coffee/tea outing in New York City.

Alexis Bledel white t-shirt on cell phone Alexis Bledel sipping on coffee Alexis Bledel getting a taxi in NYC
Alexis Bledel out at cafe Alexis Bledel with purse on in New York City

Jennifer Lawrence in Esquire

Jennifer Lawrence was unknown to me before this post.  She’s pretty much a D-List celebrity in many lower budget films that I won’t list.  She may not have a blockbuster career ahead of her in acting, but she can definitely keep her modeling career going that’s for sure.

Jennifer Lawrence cleavage in Esquire Jennifer Lawrence ass in esquire Jennifer Lawrence spread vagina in esquire