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It’s Confirmed, Now Where’s The Honeymoon Sex Tape?

So in case you didn’t believe that Megan Fox got married here’s the proof you were looking for.  Photos and closeups of Megan Fox wearing her wedding ring.  Okay so she got married secretly now where’s that secret honeymoon sex tape?  You know they made one.  Thousands of young men across the globe are praying the sex tape will pop up on the internet right now.

Megan Fox wedding ring photos Megan Fox wedding ring closeup Megan Fox married in Hawaii Megan Fox ring on finger
Megan Fox honeymoon sex tape Megan Fox holding hands with husband Megan Fox wedding ring in Hawaii Megan Fox is married ring proof

Megan Fox Romantic Honeymoon Photos?
Megan Fox honeymoon hawaii 1 Megan Fox honeymoon hawaii 2
Megan Fox honeymoon hawaii 3 Megan Fox honeymoon hawaii 4
Megan Fox honeymoon hawaii 5 Megan Fox honeymoon hawaii 6
Megan Fox honeymoon hawaii 7 Megan Fox honeymoon hawaii 8

Angelina Jolie in Vanity Fair

Although Angelina Jolie‘s time has come and gone, there’s no denying that she’s still one of the hottest of all-time.  I’ve never been a big fan of her movies, but her new movie Salt looks like it has potential.  It’s still not a movie that I’d pay to see at a theater though.

Angelina Jolie in Vanity Fair July 2010 Angelina Jolie facial Vanity Fair 2010 Angelina Jolie the conqueror

Rihanna Boring in Seventeen

The problem with Rihanna going to the beach in a bikini all the time is that photos like these from Seventeen make me sleepy.  Remember we’ve seen almost every nook and cranny of that ass. Photos of her alien face don’t interest me whatsoever.  Hopefully Katy Perry has her bachelorette party soon so we can get some more interesting photos of Rihanna, Katy Perry and maybe some other hotties.

Rihanna Seventeen magazine 2010 1 Rihanna Seventeen magazine 2010 2 Rihanna Seventeen magazine 2010 3 Rihanna Seventeen magazine 2010 4
Rihanna Seventeen magazine 2010 5 Rihanna Seventeen magazine 2010 6 Rihanna Seventeen magazine 2010 7

Christina Hendricks or Jessica Alba’s Boobs?

As much as I love Jessica Alba’s body, I wouldn’t want Christina Hendricks to trade boobies with Jessica Alba.  Maybe a combination of the two would be nice.  Jessica Alba’s body with Christina Hendricks boobs.  But even though Christina admires Alba’s body she is definitely not ashamed of her own in any way.  She talks about her body and her cup size in a recent interview with Health:

When I Googled your name, the third most popular search that came up was “Christina Hendricks’s cup size.” How does it feel to know that people are actually discussing that?
A: It’s weird, but it doesn’t surprise me. I made the grave mistake after one awards show of reading comments online about what I wore, and I was like, [gasps] “Oh my God, people are so mean!” I still remember all those negative comments, despite all the wonderful positivity. That’s why we’re all in therapy! [We remember] the 10 bad things that happen to us instead of the 100 nice ones.

What is her cup size anyway?  I think I’ll Google that.  You’d find that information in the image search right?

Christina Hendricks huge tits cleavage Christina Hendricks enormous boobs Christina Hendricks gigantic cleavage Christina Hendricks bare breasts skin Christina Hendricks explosive boobies

Penelope Cruz and Her Wet Wedgie

I couldn’t tell you where these Penelope Cruz bikini photos were taken.  My guess is somewhere in Europe.  I usually don’t like one-piece bikinis, but add a little wetness and a little wedgieness and I find them a little more enticing.  Adrien Brody has recently found Penelope Cruz enticing himself and has become Penelope’s Spanish lover in The Passion Within.

Penelope Cruz bikini red Penelope Cruz and friend bikinis Penelope Cruz playing in water Penelope Cruz splashing getting wet Penelope Cruz wet cleavage
Penelope Cruz boobies wet Penelope Cruz wedgie thong
Penelope Cruz lying towel on beach Penelope Cruz ass wedgie in water

Irina Shayk Bikini Photos from Ocean Drive

Here is Sports Illustrated Swimsuit model Irina Shayk in a bikini for Ocean Drive magazine (July 2010).  Would Ocean Drive be considered a step up or down in her career?

Irina Shayk bikini Ocean Drive July 2010 Irina Shayk panties in table of contents Irina Shayk undies and bra Irina Shayk topless but covering Irina Shayk one piece cleavage Ocean Drive

Choose Your Favorite Kelly Brook Bikini

Considering this is Kelly Brook bikini week for many celeb sites I thought I’d consolidate and do it in one post.  Here are your selections of red, green and blue bikinis: choose your flavor of Kelly Brook.

Kelly Brook bikini Barbados red Kelly Brook side boob Kelly Brook ass Kelly Brook butt bikini
Kelly Brook legs crossed barados Kelly Brook blue bikini
Kelly Brook blue cleavage Kelly Brook jetski barbados

Kelly Brook green bikini
Kelly Brook green bikini posing Kelly Brook cleavage barbados

Stacy Keibler’s Bikini Clone

If the bikini’s were the same color I’d swear I was looking at the same set of photos.  However, this is Stacy Keibler and her rock hard abs from two different dates and two totally different cities.  Miami and Vegas.  Unless of course Stacy Keibler has a clone.

Stacy Keibler bikini abs Vegas Stacy Keibler tight body Stacy Keibler Miami bikini Stacy Keibler beach