Monthly Archive: July 2010

Christina Hendricks’ Hypnotizing Boobie Power

I’ve said before that Christina Hendricks‘ breasts have some kind of magical powers.  Here’s an example of how just the slight hint of Christina’s boobies leaves a man unable to speak.  I think the CIA should hire her as an interrogator.  We wouldn’t need to use torture, Christina could use her hypnotic power to get them to spill the beans.


Bonus from Christina Hendricks’ L.A. Times Photoshoot:

Christina Hendricks hypnotizing LA Times Christina Hendricks fashion Christina Hendricks blue hat Christina Hendricks Los Angeles Times Christina Hendricks red lips

Zoe Saldana Bra and Panties for Calvin Klein

Take that Eva Mendes!  Zoe Saldana is Calvin Klein’s new bitch now.  Zoe says she’s excited to be their new model:

“It’s exciting to be associated with such an iconic brand.” – read more

Of course she is, you know she’s getting paid well to show off her tight little physique.

Zoe Saldana bra and panties Zoe Saldana bra Calvin Klein Zoe Saldana panties Calvin Klein
Zoe Saldana Calvin Klein photo shoot Zoe Saldana getting make up done for Calvin Klein Zoe Saldana Calvin Klein's bitch

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Katie Cleary Bikini Photos on Beach

How do D-List celebrities get attention these days?  They stage photos at the beach and hope they’ll get enough blogs on the internet to post them and then pray for a wave of publicity.  Well, I’ll do my part to help this struggling actress get some attention that she’s starving for.  Here’s Katie Cleary in a bikini on the beach showing off her sexiness.  What ever happened to struggling actresses sleeping their way to the top?

Katie Cleary blue bikini Katie Cleary baby blue bikini Katie Cleary ass in water Katie Cleary soaking wet bikini Katie Cleary fixing her hair
Katie Cleary walking the beach Katie Cleary posing on beach Katie Cleary nice little butt on beach Katie Cleary wet on beach Katie Cleary bikini on beach

Kenya Moore Is Silky Smooth

I’ve got to give former Miss USA Kenya Moore some credit because she looks damn good for being 39 years old.  Her body suits her well for this magazine because she is looking extra Smooth in these photos.  Now I realize that there’s probably a lot of cocoa butter and airbrushing going on in these photos, but who cares baby got back!

Kendra Moore on Smooth Cover Kendra Moore nude and topless Kendra Moore booty in bikini Kendra Moore topless in Smooth Kendra Moore naked in water
Kendra Moore topless but covered Kendra Moore legs spread Kendra Moore Smooth bikini photos

Larissa Riquelme Nude and Topless

Here are a butt load of photos of a chick who I’ve never heard of.  Her name is Larissa Riquelme and she’s a Paraguayan model and supposedly she’s the top paid model for her country.  If you’re a fan of soccer and particularly the Paraguay National team then you may have seen her before because she somehow got famous during their World Cup 2010.  If you’d like to know more about her then visit her wiki page because there’s a whole lot more information in her biography.  If you just want to see pictures of her nude and topless then you’re in luck because there are over 25 photos below.  Enjoy!

Larissa Riquelme bra and panties Larissa Riquelme see through panties in H Larissa Riquelme posing on chair Larissa Riquelme lying in fuck me pose
Larissa Riquelme bra and undies Larissa Riquelme g-string thong up ass Larissa Riquelme bra coming off Larissa Riquelme nipple peek
Larissa Riquelme bra Larissa Riquelme ready for sex Larissa Riquelme thong panties Larissa Riquelme tits falling out
Larissa Riquelme legs spread for sex Larissa Riquelme bare tits and ass
Larissa Riquelme upskirt shot Larissa Riquelme cleavage Larissa Riquelme bra comes off Larissa Riquelme thong panties
Larissa Riquelme topless tits Larissa Riquelme tattoo on ass Larissa Riquelme topless fake tits Larissa Riquelme posing in mirror
Larissa Riquelme nipples to suck on Larissa Riquelme completely nude tits Larissa Riquelme topless boobies

Hilary Duff’s Tight Little Booty

I think Hilary Duff works out more than any other female celebrity in Hollywood.  Either that, or she loves to wear her gym clothes because it seems like every time the paparazzi gets photos of her she’s wearing tight spandex.  Nice!

Hilary Duff tight ass workout Hilary Duff boobies Hilary Duff home from gym Hilary Duff getting out of car
Hilary Duff staying fit Hilary Duff tight little booty Hilary Duff tight spandex butt Hilary Duff small ass in stretchy

Megan Fox Cheating On Husband With Hobbit

So technically Megan Fox isn’t cheating on Brian Austin Green because she’s really only shooting a scene for the video Love the Way You Lie. Megan Fox caught locking lips with Dominic Monaghan was only for Eminem’s new video so there’s no scandal yet.  I guess she’s still a faithful wife. – read more

Megan Fox cheating on Green Megan Fox makes out with other man Megan Fox kissing someone not her husband Megan Fox tongue action
Megan Fox getting drunk Megan Fox Love the Way You Lie Megan Fox kissing a hobbit Megan Fox cheating wife

Mel B Bikini Photos From Malibu Beach

Here’s Melanie Brown aka Scary Spice/Mel B in a bikini on Malibu Beach.  Obviously staged photos, but what else does she have going for her?  Why not show off your nice body on the internet and hope a magazine calls you.

Mel B big booty in bikini Scary Spice on Malibu Beach Mel B bikini photos
Melanie Brown tight abs

Anna Kournikova On a Boat in Bikini

How does Anna Kournikova make a living these days?  She never really had tennis skills and her super hotness has now faded to merely just being pretty.  I guess she made enough money during her day as the mega superstar on the internet to live the good life.  Although it looks like she traded in the yacht for a mini boat.  Anna hasn’t completely figured out what she wants to do with herself, but teaching kids might be an option:

“Well I have always felt that I had a connection with kids and even when I was in the professional tour we would always do at each tournament these kind of clinics,” said Kournikova. “And once I stopped playing full-time, what I do right now is mostly travel around the country with Boys and Girls Clubs or the USO and their families.  The families of the troops, encouraging kids to be active and to stay healthy and promote basically sports.” –read more

I wish I had a tennis teacher like her when I was younger.

Anna Kournikova bikini Miami Anna Kournikova bikini on yacht Anna Kournikova ass photo Anna Kournikova butt photo
Anna Kournikova butt picture Anna Kournikova sun tanning on boat Anna Kournikova bikini on yacht
Anna Kournikova getting of boat in Miami Anna Kournikova exiting boat in Miami