Monthly Archive: August 2010

Gemma Arterton Looks Brutally Hot in Her Bikini

British actress Gemma Arterton looks hot and sexy in her bikini while vacationing in Italy.  With hotness like that, who would have thought Gemma had such a dark side? She recently discussed her thoughts on the brutal death scene in her upcoming movie Tamara Drewe.

“It’s a fantastically brutal death. It’s really, really shocking. And the fact that you can make something so brutal so funny.” –read more

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Alessandra Ambrosio Bikini Photos on Runway

WTF is that on Alessandra Ambrosio’s head, a koala or something?  I don’t understand fashion at all.  That bikini she’s wearing isn’t helping either.  I bet that Koton bikini costs like $5000 too.  Would anybody really wear that to the beach?

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Chicks of the 62nd Emmy Awards

I was going to list all the beautiful women in order by name, but then I realized that it was too much work.  So if you want to know their names just look at the file name.  It’s not too hard.

Miranda Kerr Nude in 3D for Vogue

So you’ve probably already seen Miranda Kerr nude, but have you seen her nude in 3D? Big deal right, the problem with these photos is that they kind of suck to look at unless you have the 3D glasses. In addition, anybody who has worn the 3D glasses know that the “3D” effect looks like crap anyway. It’s a good sales gimmick by Vogue, but I think I’d rather have more higher quality naked photos than a silly 3D effect.

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The Saturdays Wear Bikinis

Now that the Spice Girls have gotten old, wrinkly and lost almost all of their sex appeal it’s time to find a new girl group to replace them.  I guess that group is the new British girl group The Saturdays.  I don’t know if they sing similar music or if they all have nicknames like the Spice Girls, but I do know that they are looking hot in their bikinis.

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Sophie Monk Poses in a Bikini at the Beach

I remember watching an interview with Sophie Monk not too long ago and she was complaining about how the American media was not taking her seriously and that in Australia she’s a “serious actress”. She was also complaining about how the blogs are always posting photos of her “camel toe” and they were part of the reason for the lack of her success.  Sorry Sophie, but these staged bikini photos aren’t going to help you become a better actress.  How about taking acting lessons or at least acting in some good movies.  How can we take you seriously with movies such as: The Hills Run Red, Murder World, Spring Break ’83, Hard Breakers, The Legend of Awesomest Maximus, Dorfman?

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