Monthly Archive: September 2010

Christina Hendricks’ Boobs are Covered But Still Big

Wow, this is one of the few times that I’ve seen Christina Hendricksbig boobies covered up.  Probably because she’s not aware that the paparazzi are still watching her.  Or, she is in her wardrobe for the movie Drive that she’s shooting a scene for.  Hopefully, there’s some nudity involved in her scenes for the movie.

Christina Hendricks big tits in pink shirt Christina Hendricks ass shot in tight black pants Christina Hendricks huge boobs in tight shirt Christina Hendricks big knockers in pink shirt
Christina Hendricks big tittys in pink shirt Christina Hendricks big boobies in tight shirt Christina Hendricks on Drive set with big boobs

Ashley Greene Has a Tight Ass

This is the ass Joe Jonas is getting a piece of. I didn’t know they got married already? Supposedly they were only friends.

Ashley Greene and Joe Jonas have been trying to play coy with the press, maintaining for the past few months that their budding relationship is strictly platonic. But after photos surfaced of the happy couple holding hands during a shopping trip to Walgreen’s, there’s no question that the pop sensation and “Twilight” star are seriously sweet on each other.” – read more

Ashley Greene tight ass in spandex Ashley Greene leaves gym and reveals tight butt Ashley Greene sucking down her water Ashley Greene sucks water bottle
Ashley Greene leaving gym Ashley Greene after workout Ashley Greene hot body at gym Ashley Greene tight pants and top

Dakota Fanning Leaving the Gym

Dakota Fanning is one sexy gym rat.  I’m surprised she finds time to act considering she seems to spend everyday at the gym.

Dakota Fanning in her gym clothes Dakota Fanning tights after gym Dakota Fanning sports bra and tight pants Dakota Fanning texting after gym

Victoria Justice Sexy Got Milk Photos

Victoria Justice loves to drink the white stuff!  Victoria was one of several celebrities that joined part of the 15 years of the “Got Milk?” campaign.  There’s definitely no question that milk has done Victoria Justice’s body good.  Dayyyum!

Victoria Justice loves milk Victoria Justice white stuff on lip
Victoria Justice playing the piano Victoria Justice sucking down some milk Victoria Justice purple skirt
Victoria Justice chugging the white stuff Victoria Justice milk drinker

Sofia Vergara Sucks a Lollipop

Sofia Vergara arrived in New York City and seemed to really be enjoying her lollipop. Sofia was in NYC for an upcoming appearance on The Late Show with David Letterman.

Sofia Vergara sucks lollipop in NYC Sofia Vergara gives a lollipop blow job Sofia Vergara blowjob practice Sofia Vergara good at sucking
Sofia Vergara waving in NYC Sofia Vergara on side walk of New York Sofia Vergara at Hotel Sofia Vergara ass in tights

Scarlett Johansson Brings Back Her Big Cleavage

It’s been a while since I’ve seen Scarlett Johansson’s cleavage look this good.  Here she is filming some behind the scenes footage for Iron Man 2.  I heard the sequel wasn’t as good as the original, but at least there’s probably some good extras on the DVD.

Scarlett Johansson and her big tits in Iron Man 2 Scarlett Johansson big boobs Iron Man behind scenes
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Scarlett Johansson giant tits Scarlett Johansson large cleavage in Iron Man
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Scarlett Johansson Iron Man 2 Scarlett Johansson legs spread doing stunts

Dania Ramirez at a Bikini Pool Party in Vegas

Why is Dania Ramirez famous again?  Oh, that’s right, she’s in that show that I’ve never watched.  It’s called Entourage.  I still have no desire to watch that show.

Dania Ramirez bikini pool party Vegas Dania Ramirez in a bikini at MGM Dania Ramirez bikini Dania Ramirez throws her hands up
Dania Ramirez getting it doggystyle in pool Dania Ramirez smiling in bikini Dania Ramirez bathing suit Dania Ramirez black bikini