Monthly Archive: October 2010

Anne Hathaway at Halloween Event

That’s a sorry excuse for a costume that Anne Hathaway is wearing.  Don’t know what the mask is or represents, but I think she could have put a little more effort into it.

Anne Hathaway costume Halloween Anne Hathaway mask Anne Hathaway leopard Anne Hathaway mask coat Anne Hathaway Halloween event Anne Hathaway Halloween party

Emma Stone in Madrid

Boy I sure am doing a lot of Emma Stone posts lately.  I guess she’s popular right now.  I wonder if Lindsay Lohan is pissed at her for stealing all the work she used to have?  It pays to be a young, redhead, and sober these days.  But did you know that Emma Stone used to be a blonde?  I can’t picture that at all, but according to The Sun:

“When I first moved to LA, I had this agent who thought, because I was blonde, that I only wanted to play cheerleaders…” – read more

Emma Stone Easy A premiere Madrid Emma Stone legs Emma Stone silk Emma Stone boobs
Emma Stone ginger Emma Stone small tits

Emma Stone orgasm face Emma Stone funny face Emma Stone big eyes Emma Stone cooking
Emma Stone biting lip Emma Stone ground sex position

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Charlize Theron is Monster Mad

Don’t bug Charlize Theron while she’s trying to film a movie.  You know how they say that actors transform themselves into the characters for the roles they are playing.  Well, if you get on her bad side she might throw you dirty looks and go Monster on your ass.  And if you’re wondering what movie she’s shooting a scene for in these pictures…it’s called Young Adult.

Charlize Theron mad Charlize Theron pissed Charlize Theron skirt and heels Charlize Theron windy
Charlize Theron boots Charlize Theron covering face Charlize Theron blonde hair

Kristen Bell Is One of the Golden Girls

If you want to know “what women want” then buy a new issue of AARP magazine.  Get all the juicy details from Kristen Bell and the Golden Girls.  Imagine the pillow talk with those girls, lol.

Kristen Bell and the Golden Girls Kristen Bell AARP

Ashton Kutcher Cheating With Someone His Own Age?

So Ashton Kutcher is not really cheating on Demi Moore with Natalie Portman.  It’s only a kissing scene they’re shooting for a new movie called No Strings.  I tricked you didn’t I?  Except for the fact that you can see the cameras in the background.  So it wasn’t really a good trick.

Ashton Kutcher cheating with Natalie Portman Natalie Portman and Ashton in No Strings Natalie Portman kissing Ashton Kutcher Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher shoot kiss scene
Natalie and Ashton in public Natalie Portman in short skirt Natalie Portman and Ashton Kutcher make out

Olivia Wilde Sets Off Flare

Here’s Olivia Wilde in the new issue of Flare.  Sorry about the low quality, the photos are only previews.  In case you didn’t know…Olivia Wilde stars in the new Tron movie as Quorra.  Has anyone ever seen the first Tron?  It’s a classic.  Hopefully they don’t ruin the movie in the remake Tron Legacy.  If you’re interested I added one of the first clips for the movie.

Wilde about Olivia Olivia Wilde in Flare

Olivia Wilde in Tron Legacy:

Vikki Blows Topless Photos Don’t Blow

Another 2011 calendar, another topless girl.  This time it’s Vikki Blows.  Her boobs are not nearly as big as Sophie Howards’, but at least there’s a little variety in the photos.

Vikki Blows topless calendar Vikki Blows one tit out Vikki Blows topless but covered Vikki Blows completely nude Vikki Blows April 2011 Calendar
Vikki Blows may 2011 calendar Vikki Blows topless and ass crack Vikki Blows panties Vikki Blows topless and nipples Vikki Blows naked in 2011 calendar
Vikki Blows bra and panties Vikki Blows see through bra Vikki Blows topless exposed tits Vikki Blows collage of 2011 calendar

Christina Hendricks Needs Some Sun Flowers

It looks like it’s a day of sexy pale gingers.  Here’s Christina Hendricks walking with flowers on the set of Drive.  I don’t think gingers tan so easily.  Maybe they should spend a day with the Jersey Shore cast.  I’m sure Snooki has some spray tan she can lend them.

Emma Stone Easy A Premiere in Berlin

Well, it doesn’t look like Emma Stone has to look for a costume for Halloween.  I think if she walks around at night time people will think she’s a ghost because of how pale she is.  Look at those white milky legs!  She can be Casper the Sexy Ghost.

Emma Stone Easy A Berlin Emma Stone short skirt
Emma Stone white legs Emma Stone leggy Emma Stone she's got legs