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Ellie Kemper Was Hot at the SAG Awards

Ellie Kemper sexy blue

I don’t know if people still watch The Office and now that Michael Scott will be leaving the show I’m sure nobody’s going to watch it next season.  However, if there is one reason to watch it’s Ellie Kemper.  Sure Jenna Fischer probably has the nicest boobies on the show, but Ellie Kemper is definitely giving Pam a run for her money.  Here is Ellie looking hot at the SAG awards.

Ellie Kemper is hot in skirt Ellie Kemper red carpet sexiness Ellie Kemper side boob Ellie Kemper bare shoulder

Rihanna Goes Swimming in Hawaii

Rihanna bikini in Hawaii

Rihanna spent some time on vacation in Hawaii.  I guess Hawaii is a safe place to get as far away from Chris Brown as possible.  Is he still bothering her?  According to the Seattle PI, Rihanna still has a restraining order against him for the upcoming Grammys and Chris Brown is denying claims that he is trying to get the order lifted:

“Chris Brown’s representative has dismissed reports the star’s lawyer asked a judge to relax a restraining order against him so he can attend the upcoming Grammy Awards at the same time as his ex-girlfriend Rihanna.” – read more

Rihanna hot bikini Rihanna sexy bikini Rihanna ass closeup Rihanna side booty

Milla Jovovich Hits Up the Beaches of Hawaii

Milla Jovovich Walking Hawaii Beach

Milla Jovovich and her man walk the beaches of Hawaii.  Milla could definitely use the sun to give her pale skin some color.  However, she decided to cover her whole body with a big hat and baggy shirt.  Boooooo!  Lets see some bikini photos.

Milla Jovovich legs on beach Milla Jovovich sandy beaches of Hawaii Milla Jovovich sunbathing

Photo Credit: Glamour

Lea Michele’s Sexy Glamour Photos

Lea Michelle Glamour UK

So it turns out that Lea Michele is not quite the bitch that she is rumored to be. Supposedly she had been beefing with 14-year-old True Grit actress Hailee Steinfeld, but it looks like they have kissed and made up.  According to Us Magazine:

“True Grit star Hailee Steinfeld made nice with Lea Michele at Sunday’s SAG Awards in L.A., officially squashing any awkwardness between the pair.” –read more

Lea Michelle Glamour cover Lea Michelle and gay boy Lea Michelle skirt Lea Michelle in a car

Photo Credit: Glamour

Amber Heard Near Upskirt Photos in Esquire

Here’s Amber Heard in Esquire (UK).  Now that we all know she likes to munch rug all we can do is dream.  Not that any of us ever had a chance anyway.

Amber Heard Esquire upskirt Amber Heard cleavage
Amber Heard near upskirt Amber Heard boobies near upskirt from Amber Heard

Photo Credit: Esquire

Alexa Vega Staged Bikini Photos

Alexa Vega Bikini Sunbathing Photos

Here’s actress Alexa Vega posing for some staged bikini photos.  Alexa Vega is probably best known for her role in the Spy Kids series many years ago.  Since then she hasn’t really acted in anything relevant and now has a new movie out called From Prada to Nada, which will probably prove to be another irrelevant movie to add to her repertoire.

Alexa Vega bikini top Alexa Vega sun tanning in bikini Alexa Vega butt bikini photos
Alexa Vega nice ass in a bikini Alexa Vega nice booty in a bikini

Alexa Vega From Prada to Nada Video Clip:

Olivia Wilde Is Universally Hot

Olivia Wilde Almost Shows Her Nipples

Olivia “Cockburn” Wilde almost exposes her nipples in the new issue of El Universal.  Why did I call her “Cockburn”?  That’s her real last name.  Look it up.  If she ever has trouble with her acting career.  She could always make porn videos.  She’s got the perfect name for porn.

Olivia Wilde nice titty cleavage Olivia Wilde tits almost come out Olivia Wilde sexy skin Olivia Wilde almost naked Olivia Wilde hot photos

Photo Credit: El Universal

New Rihanna Leaked Sexting Photos

Rihanna new nude leaked sexting photos

So supposedly these are new leaked Rihanna sexting photos.  However, they were taken a while back.  Just after she broke it off with Chris Brown.  I’m surprised Chris Brown hasn’t leaked their sex tape yet.  Not that there even is one, but I’m sure if there was it would have already been leaked by now.  But then again, it took this long for these photos to have been released.

I know the photos are tagged as hell, but that’s all that is out there right now.  If I find any without the tags I’ll be sure to post them. Enjoy!

Rihanna topless in panties Rihanna leaked hacked photo Rihanna topless leaked ass Rihanna topless hacked sexting photo