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Headline Hotlinks April 29th 2011

Sophia Bush Signs on for One Tree Hill Season 9

One Tree Hill has been on for 8 seasons already? Damn, what the hell have I been missing? I’ve got to set my DVR to start recording every episode that I missed. And that’s every single one of them.

If you are one of the die hard One Tree Hill fans, you’ll be happy to know that Sofia Bush will be coming back for the ninth season. Sofia recently tweeted:

“I am officially in for ONE last year of OTH. The writers have GREAT plans! Now all we need is a CW pick up!”

Sophia Bush on Craig Ferguson 4/5/11:

Katy Perry Cheating on Russell Brand?

So Katy Perry isn’t actually cheating on Russell Brand, just giving a lucky (shirtless?) fan a kiss on stage in Melbourne. I wonder how much extra he paid on his ticket for the kiss?

Kirsten Dunst in Another Coppola Movie

The only movie I’ve ever seen directed by Sofia Coppola is Lost in Translation and the only movie I really like with Kirsten Dunst is Spider-Man. However, Sofia Coppola and Kirsten Dunst supposedly make a pretty good team and like working with each other because their going to be making their 3rd movie together. According to DigitalSpy:

A Twitter account named Zoetrope Productions, the company owned by Coppola’s father Francis, tweeted: “Happy to announce that Kirsten Dunst has agreed to be in Sofia Coppola’s new film Secret Door. – read more

The Royal Kate Middleton Upskirt Special!

The Royal Kate Middleton Upskirt Special

It’s official.  Kate Middleton is married.  Yipee!  What better way to celebrate then some good old Kate Middleton upskirt photos. Isn’t this better than watching 2 weeks of Royal Wedding hype and media coverage?

If you like these upskirt photos, then you’ll love these Kate Middleton bikini photos.

Kate Middleton upskirt
Kate Middleton panties Kate Middleton knickers Kate Middleton upskirt

Nina Dobrev in a Bikini for Seventeen

Summer is just around the corner. That means the meatheads and bimbos are all preparing themselves for the perfect beach body. Well, if you’re one of them or you just want to admire Nina Dobrev‘s sexy toned body then check out the upcoming issue of Seventeen.

Headline Hotlinks April 28th 2011

Jennifer Lopez’s Big Booty at Wedding

Jennifer Lopez looks surprised for some reason. Maybe she’s wondering why people still want to look at her booty. I bet she’s thinking “if you only knew what my ass looked like under this dress”. It might look good from afar, but there’s a reason we haven’t seen her butt in a bikini for a couple of years.

Emma Roberts Near Upskirt Save

Emma Roberts saved herself from those dirty paparazzi people and their cameras.  A great move by Emma with the strategically placed shopping bag.

emma roberts upskirt

Desperately Seeking Denise

Denise Richards is desperate for attention in Hollywood.  So she turns to the internet again to get some love.  Hasn’t she learned that these staged bikini sessions aren’t working for her.  She needs to go down to the unemployment office like all the other struggling actresses.  She might as well hold up a cardboard sign begging for work.