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Headline Hotlinks August 31st 2011

Alexandra Stan in FHM (UK)

Via: FHM

The October issue of FHM is out September 1 and comes with a free, fully interactive fashion magazine. Yes, that’s TWO awesome mags for the price of just ONE.

“I’ve never seen a fully interactive magazine before,” you might ruminate. Well that’s because it’s a bloody WORLD FIRST, isn’t it?


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Jennifer Love Hewitt a Prostitute?

Jennifer Love Hewitt will be returning to television in a new prostitute series called The Client List that will appear on the Lifetime channel. According to USA Today:

Her new series will launch on Lifetime in 2012 with 10 episodes. In addition, the network has entered into a first look development deal for both series and movies with Hewitt’s production company Fedora Films. – read more

Amanda Bynes Spotted in Los Angeles

Amanda Bynes was spotted out walking the streets in Los Angeles. Amanda Bynes hasn’t appeared in tv or film since 2010 so this is a rare spotting. Maybe she’s been busy gangbanging Peter Griffin, Stewie and the dog (ie: Seth MacFarlane). I’m just saying.  That’s what the rumors were from Howard Stern and WDW.

Headline Hotlinks August 30th 2011

Maria Menounos in Nitro

I know it’s no vagina slip or cleavage photo, but at least Maria Menounos gave us some nice poses in a recent photoshoot for Nitro.

Kirsten Dunst Got a Haircut in Wonderland

I haven’t been paying that much attention to Kirsten Dunst lately (I don’t think anyone has), but I noticed that her hair is shorter than the last time I saw her. I’m not a fan of the short hair, but I like the outfits or at least what’s underneath (at least what I can see). These photos are for the September/October 2011 issue of Wonderland magazine.

Mila Kunis Gets Searched at Airport

Even with all of those magazine photoshoots and movies that Mila Kunis has going on right now, she still doesn’t make enough to afford her own private jet yet. So she is forced to go through the same scrutiny that we all do when we go through airport security. Here is Mila Kunis getting the full pat down at LAX by those beloved TSA agents. I wonder if she at least got to fly first class?

Ana Ivanovic in GQ (Italy)

There haven’t been too many tennis hotties to take Anna Kournikova’s place since she left the tennis world. Of course I’m talking about modeling because we all know that Anna couldn’t play tennis worth a shit. Here’s one of the few who have gained some exposure not only for her tennis skills, but also for her natural beauty. Her name is Ana Ivanovic and her career tennis record is 288–123. Ana reached the number 1 ranking back in 2008, unlike Anna Kournikova who’s highest ranking was only number 8.

Headline Hotlinks August 29th 2011