Monthly Archive: November 2011

Headline Hotlinks November 30th 2011

Blonde Mystery Girl

topless mystery blonde

I tried hard (not really) to find this girl’s name, but had no luck. It doesn’t help when you don’t understand the language that the magazine is in. The magazine is FHM (Latvia) by the way. So if anyone can read Latvian or knows who this is, please let us know. If there are any more photos out there I want to find them, but it’s kind of hard when you don’t know the girl’s name.

mystery-girl-1.jpg mystery-girl-2.jpg mystery-girl-3.jpg mystery-girl-4.jpg mystery-girl-5.jpg

Wayne Gretzky’s Daughter Ends Twitter Account

paulina gretzsky ends twitter

Source: Huffington Post


This URL had previously been a keyhole through which to look in on the party-filled, clothing scarce life of Wayne Gretzky’s daughter, Paulina. Now it directs you to a “Sorry, that page doesn’t exist” stub.

An aspiring model, singer and actress, the 22-year-old Paulina has modeled since her teens and notched a few minor film roles. She also had a song, “Collecting Dust,” appear on the soundtrack to MTV’s “Laguna Beach.” – read more


Kylie Minogue Photos from Australia

kylie minogue bondi beach

The always beautiful Kylie Minogue enjoyed a little sunshine and warm weather at Bondi Beach in Sydney, Australia. I’m star struck…get it because her dress is full of stars. Yes, I know…another lame joke.

Headline Hotlinks November 29th 2011

Imogen Thomas Is Rude in Nuts

imogen thomas rude nuts

Here is Imogen Thomas wearing some kind of electrical tape/vinyl outfit? Whatever the hell it is, I like it! I wonder if she’d let me borrow some of the tape she’s wearing to fix some home repairs I need to do?

Cindy Crawford at the Beach in Mexico

cindy crawford mexico beach

I know many people could care less about Cindy Crawford. As a matter of fact, those of the younger generation probably don’t even know who she is. But we here at GCeleb are equal opportunity bloggers and we even give the AARP models a chance. So here is a post of Cindy Crawford on the beach in Mexico. She’s completely covered in these photos, so if you want to see her disrobe and show off that bikini body, click the link below.

cindy-crawford-mexico-1.jpg cindy-crawford-mexico-2.jpg cindy-crawford-mexico-3.jpg cindy-crawford-mexico-5.jpg cindy-crawford-mexico-6.jpg


Katy Perry Is a Tattoo Artist?

katy perry artist

Who knew Katy Perry had other talents? I guess if her singing career ends (probably soon), she always has a job as a tattoo artist to fall back on.