Monthly Archive: December 2011

Jacinta Rokich in M

jacinta rokich m

She’s not topless this time, but you can view those photos here. This time Australian beauty Jacinta Rokich is wearing a wet see-through white shirt and some dental floss.  I actually like these photos much better.

jacinta-rokich-M-Denmark-1.jpg jacinta-rokich-M-Denmark-2.jpg jacinta-rokich-M-Denmark-3.jpg jacinta-rokich-M-Denmark-4.jpg jacinta-rokich-M-Denmark-5.jpg

Nicki Minaj’s Glamour Booties

nicki minaj booties

Not the kind of booty you were expecting from Nicki Minaj, huh? You were hoping for that big, round, brown one on the rear of her torso weren’t you?

nicki-minaj-glamour-1.jpg nicki-minaj-glamour-2.jpg nicki-minaj-glamour-3.jpg nicki-minaj-glamour-4.jpg nicki-minaj-glamour-5.jpg

Headline Hotlinks December 29th 2011

Miley Cyrus Red Bikini Photos in Hawaii

miley cyrus on beach in red bikini

This has been a great end to 2011.  So many celebrities went to the beach in their bikini over the holiday break.  This time it’s Miley Cyrus bikini photos in Hawaii.  Let’s hope 2012 starts off this good!

Lights, Camera, Angelina Jolie!

angelina jolie marie claire

I guess Angelina Jolie is a director now. Maybe she’ll get real creative and direct her home sex video. I’m sure she would win awards for best director, actress, producer, etc, etc, etc.

angelina-jolie-marie-claire-1.jpg angelina-jolie-marie-claire-2.jpg angelina-jolie-marie-claire-3.jpg angelina-jolie-marie-claire-4.jpg angelina-jolie-marie-claire-5.jpg
angelina-jolie-marie-claire-7.jpg angelina-jolie-marie-claire-8.jpg angelina-jolie-marie-claire-9.jpg angelina-jolie-marie-claire-10.jpg

Molly Sims in Shape

molly sims shape

Here is Molly Sims showing off her sexy curves in Shape. But that perfect shape of hers didn’t come easily. According to her she works hard to get that bangin’ body, she said:

“I have to work out 60 to 90 minutes at least five days a week and stick to a high-fiber, low-calorie eating plan,”

That seems like a lot of work, but then again, she is getting paid a lot of money to look hot. So who cares if she has to work hard for the money.

molly-sims-shape-1.jpg molly-sims-shape-2.jpg molly-sims-shape-3.jpg molly-sims-shape-4.jpg molly-sims-shape-6.jpg