Monthly Archive: April 2012

Headline Hotlinks April 30th 2012

Irish Hottie Vogue Williams Bikini Photos

vogue williams bikini

DJ Vogue Williams is serving up some drinks and bikini photos in the upcoming May issue of Maxim (Australia). According to her Facebook page, Vogue is a Dancing With The Stars Contestant, Music and Fashion Ambassador for Puma Ausralia, Model and DJ.

vogue-williams-maxim-1.jpg vogue-williams-maxim-2.jpg vogue-williams-maxim-3.jpg vogue-williams-maxim-4.jpg vogue-williams-maxim-5.jpg
vogue-williams-maxim-6.jpg vogue-williams-maxim-7.jpg vogue-williams-maxim-8.jpg vogue-williams-maxim-9.jpg vogue-williams-maxim-10.jpg

Victoria Justice in Sex…I Mean XEX Magazine

victoria justice sex

I’ve never heard of XEX, but it looks like they’re important enough to get stars like Victoria Justice and Madonna for their magazine. I just wish they were important enough to get a few more photos from Victoria.

Brooke Vincent Bikini Photos and More

brooke vincent bikini

Here are a few photos of British soap actress Brooke Vincent in a bikini and at random events. She best known for her role as Sophie Webster in the TV series Coronation Street.

Headline Hotlinks April 26th 2012

Jana Peterson Is in a League of Her Own

jana peterson bikini

I’m not sure if Jana Peterson has quite hit the major leagues yet, but she’s almost there. Here she is in a tiny bikini for Maxim (Australia). What magazine do you think would be considered “major” league?

jana peterson bikini pics in maxim maxim chooses Jana Peterson for this issue near a lake Jana Peterson pose in a bikini Jana Petersen sexy bikini photoshoot Maxim Australia and Jana Petersen photos

Maryna Linchuk in Lingerie

maryna linchuk lingerie

I’ve never heard of Belarusian model Maryna Linchuk before, but I like her! And so do 3,998 (at the time I wrote this post) other people. Lets help her get 4000.

maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-1.jpg maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-2.jpg maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-3.jpg maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-4.jpg maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-5.jpg
maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-6.jpg maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-7.jpg maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-8.jpg maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-9.jpg maryna-linchuk-nordstrom-lingerie-10.jpg