Monthly Archive: May 2012

Headline Hotlinks May 31st 2012

Raica Oliveira Bikini Pics in Elle

raica oliveira bikini beach

When it comes to hot Brazilian models Raica Oliveira ranks among the highest. And that’s saying a lot. Some of the most beautiful models in the world are from Brazil. Gisele Bundchen, Alessandra Ambrosio, Adriana Lima and Ana Beatriz Barros are just a few of them. The list goes on and on. I’ll go as far as saying that Raica Oliveira is in the top ten and if you don’t believe me check out her other photos.

Miranda Kerr in Jack (Italy)

miranda kerr bra panties and gadgets

What a great name for a magazine…because every time I get a new gadget I want to connect it to a computer jack (lol). Or…maybe because after I look at these Miranda Kerr undies photos I want to…well you know what I mean.

Headline Hotlinks May 30th 2012

Luiza Grigorova in Maxim

luiza grigorova bikini

Supposedly Luiza Grigorova is “the best actress and model in the world!” according to this facebook page. That’s funny, I would think she’d have a bigger portfolio than this.

luiza-grigorova-maxim-au-1.jpg luiza-grigorova-maxim-au-2.jpg luiza-grigorova-maxim-au-3.jpg luiza-grigorova-maxim-au-4.jpg luiza-grigorova-maxim-au-5.jpg

Luiza Grigorova Video:

Megan Fox Can’t Hide Her Side Cleavage

megan fox side cleavage

Either Megan Fox is a vampire, she has the same skin disease as Michael Jackson did or she has her “Trophy Husband” whipped into protecting her from paparazzi photos? I’m saying she has a little bit of all three, but I’m sure the answer is probably the last one. However, her husband isn’t doing a very good job at stopping the paparazzi from getting photos from the side. That silly umbrella of his can’t cover her whole body. Maybe he should have put her in a bubble.

megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-1.jpg megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-2.jpg megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-3.jpg megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-4.jpg megan-fox-cleavage-fred-segal-5.jpg