45 Photos of Alessandra Ambrosio’s Secret Photoshoot in Miami

bra alessandra-ambrosio

Here are 45 photos of Alessandra Ambrosio hard at work again for another Victoria’s Secret photoshoot in Miami. She must have been working a little too hard because it almost looks like she fell asleep in a few of these pictures.

alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-001.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-002.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-003.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-004.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-005.jpg
alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-007.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-008.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-009.jpg alessandra-ambrosio-vs-miami-010.jpg

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