A Double Dose of Milla Jovovich

Milla Jovovich angeleno and s moda

The boob lovers out there probably aren’t fans of Milla Jovovich. Because lets face it, she has none. Although she has a boyish body, she does have a very pretty face. So these photos of Milla Jovovich in Angeleno and S Moda magazine are mostly for her fans. The fans that will probably be checking her out in the new movie The Three Musketeers.

milla-jovovich-angeleno-1.jpg milla-jovovich-angeleno-2.jpg milla-jovovich-angeleno-3.jpg milla-jovovich-angeleno-4.jpg milla-jovovich-angeleno-5.jpg
milla-jovovich-s-moda-1.jpg milla-jovovich-s-moda-2.jpg milla-jovovich-s-moda-3.jpg milla-jovovich-s-moda-4.jpg milla-jovovich-s-moda-5.jpg

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