A Sexy 19-Year-Old Adriana Lima Flashback

adriana lima teen

Adriana Lima didn’t really get her big break in the modeling world until she started modeling with Victoria’s Secret. But before she became the famous supermodel that she is today, she was doing less known photoshoots like this one for Amica at the age of 19.

adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-1.jpg adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-2.jpg adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-3.jpg adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-4.jpg adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-5.jpg
adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-6.jpg adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-7.jpg adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-8.jpg adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-9.jpg adriana-lima-amica-flashback-19-yo-10.jpg

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