Alison Haislip Sexy Maxim Photos

alison haislip maxim underwear and bikini pics

You may be asking yourself, who is Alison Haislip? Well, here’s a hint she was on G4. Some of you are probably still confused because you don’t know what the hell G4 is. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. G4 is a TV channel located somewhere in you’re cable subscription that is supposed to be dedicated to video games. But being like what MTV is to music videos, their programming doesn’t have much programming that actually involves gaming. Maybe that’s why Alison Haislip left?

alison-haislip-maxim-1.jpg alison-haislip-maxim-2.jpg alison-haislip-maxim-3.jpg alison-haislip-maxim-4.jpg alison-haislip-maxim-5.jpg
alison-haislip-maxim-6.jpg alison-haislip-maxim-7.jpg alison-haislip-maxim-8.jpg alison-haislip-maxim-9.jpg alison-haislip-maxim-10.jpg

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