Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Carpenter Wore Yoga Pants Together

amanda seyfried ass

Amanda Seyfried and Jennifer Carpenter took a hike at Runyon Canyon. Amanda Seyfried also brought along her boyfriend (the dog) and some other froot loop wearing shorts that are too short for any male. Is it just me, or does Amanda Seyfried’s butt look huge in comparison to Jennifer Carpenter’s in picture number 8?

amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-1.jpg amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-2.JPG amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-3.JPG amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-4.JPG amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-5.jpg
amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-6.jpg amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-7.jpg amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-8.JPG amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-9.JPG amanda-seyfried-runyon-canyon-10.JPG

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