Anna Kournikova On a Boat in Bikini

How does Anna Kournikova make a living these days?  She never really had tennis skills and her super hotness has now faded to merely just being pretty.  I guess she made enough money during her day as the mega superstar on the internet to live the good life.  Although it looks like she traded in the yacht for a mini boat.  Anna hasn’t completely figured out what she wants to do with herself, but teaching kids might be an option:

“Well I have always felt that I had a connection with kids and even when I was in the professional tour we would always do at each tournament these kind of clinics,” said Kournikova. “And once I stopped playing full-time, what I do right now is mostly travel around the country with Boys and Girls Clubs or the USO and their families.  The families of the troops, encouraging kids to be active and to stay healthy and promote basically sports.” –read more

I wish I had a tennis teacher like her when I was younger.

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