Anna Kournikova Has a Virus

Anna Kournikova at Enrique Concert

The virus I’m talking about is not the one she got from Enrique.  Anyone who has followed Anna Kournikova through the years knows that she was one of the first female celebrities to explode because of her internet fame.  But, not only did her career explode, she also introduced a whole host of internet viruses.  Well, today we’d like to wish a happy 10th birthday to the Kournikova Virus.  The virus reaked havoc on so many computers for a brief period of time by tricking people into opening what they thought was an image of Anna Kournikova.

“Any email user who attempted to open the image found that instead they had given permission to a rogue application that had the sole purpose of entering their address book and propagating itself.” – read more

That reminds me.  I need to update my anti-virus software.

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Anna Kournikova posing with grandma Anna Kournikova looking hot at Hard Rock Anna Kournikova tight jeans Anna Kournikova nice booty in skinny jeans

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