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Author: Mike

Swimwear Battle: Hailey Baldwin vs Cami Morrone

Swimwear Battle: Hailey Baldwin vs Cami Morrone


Olivia Holt Gets Super Smashed Bro!

Olivia Holt

Olivia Holt was getting geeky at the Nintendo Wii U station for E3 in Los Angeles last week. I wonder how many gamers were drawn to her station? Nintendo sure knows how to pick their representatives. Although I’m not sure how much it actually helps their failing company?


Maria Menounos Stays Boston Strong…and Fit!

Maria Menounos boston tights

Have you ever wondered how Maria Menounos stays in such good shape? Well, here’s your answer. She showed off her workout techniques in this spread for Boston magazine. I’m sure she has a long waiting list to be hired as a personal trainer. I signed up in 2005 and I’m still waiting.

These Pascale Craymer Loaded Photos are Pure Gold

Pascale Craymer

Pascale Craymer has an interesting name. But her photos in this issue of Loaded are even more interesting. She took body painting to a whole nother level with the addition of gold! I wonder if she’s worth more money now? The value of gold is on the rise, isn’t it?