Avril Lavigne Hawaiian Bikini Photos (Part 2)

Avril Lavigne Hawaii bikini photos part 2

Here are some more Avril Lavigne bikini photos from her Hawaiian vacation.  You would think Avril would be out promoting her new single “What the Hell” to draw some attention to her new album Goodbye Lullaby that drops on March 8 instead of relaxing in Hawaii.  MTV.com reports:

“The wait is finally over, and all Avril Lavigne can say is: “What the Hell.” That’s the name of the first single from Lavigne’s upcoming fourth studio album, Goodbye Lullaby, which is due March 8. The singer has been vocal about how long she’s had to wait to get new music to her fans, and on the first salvo from the disc, you can almost taste her pent-up emotions.” –read more

Maybe she thinks her album won’t sell.  Or maybe she knows everyone will download it illegally anyway.

Avril Lavigne sunbathing in bikini Avril Lavigne green top
Avril Lavigne suntanning in bikini
Avril Lavigne walking in bikini Avril Lavigne black bikini and hat Avril Lavigne checking herself out

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