Bar Refaeli to the Moon for Passionata!

bar refaeli passionata fall winter 2012

Bar Refaeli has already done a few lingerie photoshoots for Passionata and she isn’t done yet. Here she is in another photoshoot for their Fall/Winter 2012 campaign. You can never go wrong with Bar Refaeli in her underwear. “To the Moon Bar!”

bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-1.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-2.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-3.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-4.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-5.jpg
bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-6.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-7.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-8.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-9.jpg bar-refaeli-passionata-2012-10.jpg

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