Blake Lively’s Underrated Cleavage

It’s no surprise that Blake Lively knew “nothing about Green Lantern” before she took the role. Why would she, she’s an actress? You can tell by her cleavage the things she’s interested in. Barbies perhaps? In a recent interview at Wonder Con Blake discussed her new Barbie Doll and “playing with herself”:

Oh my gosh, crazy! What!? It’s so wild. I feel like I need to go home and buy Barbie’s Magical Dream house and play with myself…that doesn’t sound right. Next question. – read more

I hope she “plays with herself” in the new Green Latern movie, but considering that it probably won’t get higher than a PG-13 rating I’d guess no.  We’d be lucky to even get a soft core sex scene.

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Green Lantern WonderCon Footage

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