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Brooke Burke’s Cougar Hotness in Malibu

gym brooke burke

How does a cougar like Brooke Burke stay looking so hot? She hits the gym in Malibu on the reg. And as you can tell, her reg workout routine is working magnificently. She looks fantastic and nowhere near 41-years-old. Even with all those Wild On! days behind her.

brooke-burke-gym-malibu-001.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-002.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-003.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-004.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-005.jpg
 brooke-burke-gym-malibu-007.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-008.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-009.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-010.jpg
 brooke-burke-gym-malibu-012.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-013.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-014.jpg brooke-burke-gym-malibu-015.jpg

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