Carla Gugino Sexes Up Esquire (Mexico)

Carla Gugino Esquire Mexico 2011

Here is the multi-versatile actress Carla Gugino looking ultra sexy in the January issue of Esquire (Mexico).  Carla talks about her various roles and her new movie “Every Day” in a recent interview with Speakeasy:

Speakeasy: Throughout “Every Day,” it’s not entirely clear if Robin is actively trying to seduce Ned. What were you thinking about her motives when you started developing the character?

Carla Gugino: “I think what’s interesting is that I don’t think she’s incredibly manipulative and I don’t think when she said, “come over to the house and we’ll order in,” she’s like, I’m going to lay this guy! But I think that her motto is, well, whatever strikes my fancy in that moment, here I go. And I think part of that certainly is her own kind of thing of I’m not going to overthink anything too much, and I know there will be consequences but I’ll deal with them later…” – read more

Carla Gugino bra
Carla Gugino tits

Photo Credit: Esquire

Carla Gugino Every Day Interview:

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