Caroline Corinth Models Swimwear Too

bikini corinth caroline

Is it just me or does Caroline Corinth look like a cross-breed of Candice Swanepoel and Rosie Huntington-Whiteley? Rosie’s lips with Candice’s eyes? Maybe it’s just these photos because I’ve seen other photos that don’t look that way. But either way, she’s definitely a Victoria’s Secret model to keep your eye on. And speaking of Victoria’s Secret, here’s Caroline in a new Victoria’s Secret swimwear photoshoot. See the 18 new photos in the gallery below.

caroline-corinth-vs-swim-001.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-002.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-003.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-004.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-005.jpg
 caroline-corinth-vs-swim-007.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-008.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-009.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-010.jpg
 caroline-corinth-vs-swim-012.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-013.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-014.jpg caroline-corinth-vs-swim-015.jpg

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