Carrie Underwood Bikini Photos in Canada (UPDATE)

carrie underwood hot bikini pictures

Yes, I said Carrie Underwood bikini photos in CANADA. It’s not the typical place for celebrities to go on vacation, but I guess Carrie’s not your typical celebrity. She must have thought Canada would be the safest place to be for her to get away from the paparazzi. It turns out that’s not the case. They were still able to snap photos of her wearing a bikini and doing some paddle boarding on a “secluded” lake. Carrie’s looking pretty darn good except for that little beer belly of hers. Maybe that’s why she was trying to hide from the paps? One too many Labatt Blue beverages, ey?

UPDATE: A Motherf-ing Sh*t-ton of Carrie Underwood Bikini Ads Here

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