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Alicia Keys in a Bikini

Alicia Keys has either the potential to look sexy or just plain nasty. In these bikini photos she’s tipping more towards the sexy look. Luckily she’s in a bikini and also luckily the photos aren’t in hiqh quality because the score of her sexy meter would probably go down.

Alicia Keys – Booty In the Hood

Alicia Keys Leaving gym in NYC

Here’s Alicia Keys wearing some tight pants and hoody after leaving the gym in Manhattan.  I guess Alicia’s New Year’s resolution was to slim down her fat ass.

Alicia Keys tight ass booty Alicia Keys leaving gym in hooded shirt

Alicia Keys in Vogue Italia

Now that Rihanna has taken all of Alicia Keys‘ spotlight…the only thing left for Alicia Keys to do, is to start dressing and cutting her hair like Rihanna.  I hope she doesn’t start to sing like her too.

Alicia Keys Ass & Bush

I know you guys are probably saying I see Alicia Keysass, but where’s the bush?  Well, don’t you see that bush right in front of her.  Ha Ha, sorry lame joke.  Anyway, here are some Alicia Keys bikini photos from Rio De Janeiro, Brazil.  I guess Alicia Keys is looking for a treasure while in Brazil because she’s sure digging for nuggets in her ass.

Alicia Keys Bikini Photos

These Alicia Keys bikini photos are about a week old, but I thought some people would want to see them.  Not too many other celebrity blog sites have posted them.  I’m not sure if they overlooked the photos or they just thought that Alicia Keys wasn’t worthy of a post.  They aren’t the most revealing photos and I’m not sure if that is a good or a bad thing.  Alicia Keys has the tendency to look either beautiful or beat up.  She doesn’t look too bad in these photos of her recent vacation to Hawaii.  It might be a different story if she removed the skirt that’s covering her bottom half.