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Girl Next Door Ally Pinnock in Her Undies

ally pinnock maxim australia

Ally Pinnock posed in her underwear for the new issue of Maxim (Australia). She’s best known for her role in the Australian Comedy Channel’s The Bunny Boiler. Here’s a quick bio taken from Dry July:

Ally Pinnock was born and raised in country NSW – the state’s largest inland city, known around the country as the ‘city of good sports’ OR “Wagga Wagga, so good they named it twice!”

Growing up in Wagga, Ally dreamed of being ‘Like Alison Brahe’ on a kids TV show, and with a lot of hard work and obsessive determination, she got there.

Starting out at ‘Noise TV’ in Melbourne (yes she left Wagga), Ally learned the never-ending ropes of the small screen by getting her hands dirty with editing, producing, shooting and her favourite, hosting and particularly interviewing for this underground cult-hit youth music show. – read more

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