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Amber Heard in Women’s Health 0

Amber Heard in Women’s Health

amber heard women's health

Here are the somewhat controversial photoshopped photos of Amber Heard in the new issue of Women’s Health. I guess some people were upset over her lack of a rib cage. I personally think the untouched photos look much better. See them here.

Amber Heard’s Nice Cleavage in VS Magazine 0

Amber Heard’s Nice Cleavage in VS Magazine

So many men will find these Amber Heard photos disappointing. Not because she doesn’t look smoking hot, but because you know that you will never have a chance with her in your entire life because she likes women. Amber has always admitted her sexuality, but has since revealed why she decided to go public. In a recent interview she said:

“I talked about my relationship because there’s a difference between being a private person and being part of the problem. I knew that I had a responsibility to young people, who right now are without many role models, to kind of step out of my comfort zone and acknowledge that I have a girlfriend without being ambiguous about it.

“At the end of the day, if you’re hiding something, then you are inadvertently saying it’s wrong, and I don’t feel like it’s wrong.” – read more

Amber Heard Drive Angry Promo Photos 0

Amber Heard Drive Angry Promo Photos

Now that Amber Heard has come out as lesbian it’s probably going to be hard to take her sexual scenes with men seriously.  Amber stars in Drive Angry with Nicolas Cage.  Now that would make for a completely unrealistic sex scene.  But who’s really going to watch this movie anyway?

Drive Angry Movie Trailer:

Amber Heard Doesn’t Horrify Me

Amber Heard Doesn’t Horrify Me

I’m not sure where this recent FHM issue is from, but I don’t think it was printed in the U.S.  From what I’ve heard they no longer print magazine issues for the United States.  So it’s gotta be a foreign issue.  The “Scream QueenAmber Heard is seen in the Horror Special issue.  I don’t get it? Absolutely nothing horrifying about these photos.  Maybe stimulating!

Amber Heard Gets Foamy

Amber Heard Gets Foamy

I guess this post could be considered a little out dated considering that these photos and video are from several months back, but hey sometimes photos are not released right away or are overlooked.  Hopefully you enjoy the post regardless.  Here’s Amber Heard in an older issue of Foam magazine and a video from her GQ shoot.

Amber Heard GQ Video:

Girls of Jack Magazine Italy

Girls of Jack Magazine Italy

 Here are a few photos spreads for Jack Magazine Italy for the past few months.  Amber Heard, Bijou Phillips, and Susanna Anden.  These are large photos, but the scanner used for the process is of poor quality.  Still, good photos overall.

Amber Heard:

Bijou Phillips:

Susanna Anden: