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Ana Beatriz Barros in Baku Swimwear

ana beatriz barros bikini

At age 30, Ana Beatriz Barros might be considered a grandma in the modeling world. But as you can see in this recent Baku Swimwear photoshoot she hasn’t lost her beauty. Hell…if Cindy Crawford can model at age 80 (or somewhere near it), then so can Ana.

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Ana Beatriz Barros in Marie Claire

At the age of 29, Ana Beatriz Barros is a veteran in the modeling biz. However, with all of the new, young and upcoming models gunning for her jobs, Ana has been struggling to get work in the cutthroat modeling industry. Luckily, Ana did recently manage to get a gig in the new issue Marie Claire (Spain) because it looks like she hasn’t eaten in a while.