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Anna Faris Photoshoot

Here are a few photos of Anna Faris from the Zen Sekizawa photoshoot. Now only if I had them in high quality.

Anna Faris Observe and Report Premiere

“Like, Oh My God!” it’s Anna Faris at the Observe and Report premiere. Not sure if she’s a bimbo in real life, but she sure plays the role well.  Here she is sporting her bimbo blonde hair and some kind of ripped dress thing.  Also a video clip of her showing up for an appearance on Jimmy Kimmel.

Anna Faris Shows up for Jimmy Kimmel:

Anna Faris Arena

What is she promoting lately? It’s gotta be a movie or something.  She’s been on a whole lot of magazine covers lately.  Here she is on the cover of the new issue of Arena Magazine.

Anna Faris in April 2009 GQ

Not baaad Anna Faris! Looking pretty darn good if I might say. Here is Anna Faris in the April 2009 photo spread for GQ. Sorry guys for the lq photos, but it’s all I got right now. HQ’s will be posted when they pop up out there.

Added Anna Faris GQ Video