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Anna Kournikova Shakes Her Booty for Enrique

anna kournikova booty

Anna Kournikova and Enrique Iglesias have been together for over a decade (which is like a century in celebrity years). So it actually amazes me that Anna still has the groupie love for her Hero boyfriend. Here she is shaking her booty at one of his recent concerts. I wonder why he didn’t give her a better seat?

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Enrique Iglesias – Hero

Anna Kournikova Sexy as Jezebel

anna kournikova jezebel

These photos of Anna Kournikova in Jezebel magazine are from a few months ago, but we missed them so here they are. What’s she up to these days anyway?

Anna Kournikova Tantalizes in Tatler

anna kournikova swimsuit tatler

Anna Kournikova hasn’t been important in the tennis world since…well, never. But she has been important in the swimsuit modeling world ever since she began modeling.  Here she is again at age 30 and still looking amazing in her swimsuit for Tatler.

anna-kournikova-tatler-1.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-2.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-3.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-4.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-5.jpg
anna-kournikova-tatler-6.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-7.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-8.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-9.jpg anna-kournikova-tatler-10.jpg

Was Anna Kournikova Rude to Fat Losers?

anna kournikova with losers

Source: USA Today

It looks like weight loss and Anna Kournkikova weren’t a match made in Biggest Loser heaven.

The sexy tennis star just joined NBC as trainer for the show in August for Season 12 following Jillian Michaels’ exit.

But now, The Hollywood Reporter says she will not be returning for another season.

The magazine says contestants found her to be “a bit brash.” And Kournikova did not sympathize with her overweight contestants, often telling them about her own tough upbringing when they complained about training being hard, says THR. – read more

Anna Kournikova Gets Felt Up

anna kournikova butt search

Usually being a TSA agent is regarded as being one of the worst jobs in America.  Except on this day.  That’s if you were lucky enough to be the one giving Anna Kournikova a full cavity search at the airport.  If I had this job she would have never made her flight.

anna-kournikova-felt-up-1.jpg anna-kournikova-felt-up-2.jpg anna-kournikova-felt-up-3.jpg anna-kournikova-felt-up-4.jpg anna-kournikova-felt-up-5.jpg