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Ashlee Simpson Had a Svedka Upskirt

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Oops! It looks like Ashlee Simpson didn’t realize that the paparazzi could see up her skirt. Maybe she had a little too much Svedka Vodka at their event and it was affecting her judgement? Or, maybe the paparazzi are just sneaking bastards and would get their money shot no matter what it takes. Probably the latter.

ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-001.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-002.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-003.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-004.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-005.jpg
ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-006.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-007.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-008.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-009.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-010.jpg