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Ashlee Simpson Had a Svedka Upskirt

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Oops! It looks like Ashlee Simpson didn’t realize that the paparazzi could see up her skirt. Maybe she had a little too much Svedka Vodka at their event and it was affecting her judgement? Or, maybe the paparazzi are just sneaking bastards and would get their money shot no matter what it takes. Probably the latter.

ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-001.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-002.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-003.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-004.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-005.jpg
ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-006.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-007.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-008.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-009.jpg ashlee-simpson-upskirt-svedka-010.jpg

Ashlee Simpson Bikini Photos in Hawaii

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Here is Ashlee Simpson, the slimmer of the Simpson Sisters wearing a bikini in Hawaii. Maybe Jessica should get some tips from Ashlee on how to lose weight after pregnancy. Ashlee didn’t seem to have any problem with doing so. I think Weight Watchers hired the wrong sister to represent their company.

ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-1.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-2.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-3.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-4.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-5.jpg
ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-6.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-7.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-8.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-9.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-10.jpg
ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-11.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-12.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-13.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-14.jpg ashlee-simpson-bikini-hawaii-15.jpg

Ashlee Simpson Hawaii Bikini Photos

Do people really even care about the Simpson girls anymore…especially Ashlee?  I know I could care less.  Although these Ashlee Simpson bikini photos aren’t half bad.

The Simpsons in Los Angeles

Mostly photos of Jessica Simpson with a hint of Ashlee tagging along.  The pap’s almost got some Jessica Simpson nipple slip photos.  If only her shirt would have fell down a little more she would’ve pulled a Tara Reid.