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Audrina Patridge Went to the Beach

audrina patridge beach photos

If anybody cares, Audrina Patridge went to the beach again wearing a bikini. You can expect these kinds of photos from Audrina all summer long.

audrina-patridge-bikini-cabo-1.jpg audrina-patridge-bikini-cabo-2.jpg audrina-patridge-bikini-cabo-3.jpg audrina-patridge-bikini-cabo-4.jpg audrina-patridge-bikini-cabo-5.jpg

Audrina Patridge Ralph Panty Photos

I didn’t want to give Audrina Patridge the top post today because quite frankly I don’t like her.  I don’t know what it is about her?  Maybe it’s the fact that she has no talent and she’s posted all over the internet ALL THE TIME!  I guess somebody has got to like her.  Don’t get me wrong…she has a beautiful body I just think her agents need to ease up with all these set-up bikini photoshoots by the pool.  Maybe some ultra hot nude photos of Megan Fox in a sex tape will surface and knock Audrina off the top spot. Until then, here she is in Ralph magazine.

Audrina Patridge bikini photos in Ralph Audrina Patridge tits in a bra Audrina Patridge cleavage and doggystyle pose Audrina Patridge topless on washing machine
Audrina Patridge bra photo Audrina Patridge eating from fridge Audrina Patridge washing her dirty panties Audrina Patridge another doggy pose

Audrina Patridge Bikini Photos

Audrina Patridge is one reality tv celeb that I’ve tried to avoid posting about on my website.  I don’t know why, but I just don’t think she deserves any attention.  I know that there are others that don’t deserve the attention either, but I just don’t think Audrina is that hot.  She also seems to be in a bikini more than any other fake celeb out there.  So the only time I’ll do a post about her is when I think she looks hotter than normal.  This is one of those times.

Audrina Patridge FHM Photoshoot

Here is reality tv show star Audrina Patridge doing a photoshoot for an upcoming FHM release.  No talent…but she definitely has a beautiful body…fake tits and all.