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Berenice Marlohe in Entrevue


Now that Berenice Marlohe is the new Bond Girl she’s been in every men’s magazine on the planet. Well, she better enjoy the spotlight while it lasts because the career of a Bond Girl are typically short. Here she is getting the spotlight for the French magazine Entrevue.

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Berenice Marlohe in Marie Claire

berenice marlohe marie claire

This chick’s everywhere right now. If you haven’t heard, this is the new Bond Chick and her name is Berenice Marlohe. Here she is looking sexy in Marie Claire (Russia), but I’m still waiting for the Playboy photos.

The Hottest Bond Chick Berenice Marlohe Now in FHM

berenice marlohe underwear

First GQ called Berenice Marlohe the sexiest Bond Girl and then it was Maxim who named her the hottest bond chick ever. Now FHM is getting is in on the action. I’m not saying that the verdict is out, but almost. All we need now is Playboy and she takes the title. Let’s go Playboy…get her as your centerfold and give her the title soon!

berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-1.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-2.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-3.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-4.jpg berenice-marlohe-fhm-bond-5.jpg
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Meet the New Bond Girl: Berenice Marlohe

berenice marlohe maxim

We introduced you to Berenice Marlohe a few months back with her spread in GQ. She’s the new Bond Girl and she can be seen in the new film Skyfall that releases next month. And to get you familiarized with her before (if) you see the film, here are a few photos from her spread in the new Maxim. I’ll let you decide if you agree with Maxim that she’s the “hottest Bond girl ever

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Berenice Marlohe in Her Underwear for GQ

berenice marlohe fantastic underwear torrent in GQ

If you don’t know who Berenice Marlohe is yet, I’m sure you will soon. Berenice is set to play the new Bond girl in the 2012 release of Skyfall. The movie comes out this fall and the promotion will surely begin soon. As a matter of fact, it already has. Why do you think GQ (UK) gave her the cover? The chances of more underwear photoshoots are good. Do I see Maxim, FHM, and Elle in her future? If you’re a fan of the Bond movies you probably can’t wait until November to see this film. Here are the sexy GQ photos and the official movie trailer below.

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Skyfall (2012) Video Trailer: