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Carla Gugino Nude in Esquire

So Carla Gugino is nude but covered in the new issue of Esquire. However, if you’re looking for nude photos or videos they’re very easy to find. Just do a Google search and see for yourself.

Carla Gugino Sexes Up Esquire (Mexico)

Carla Gugino Esquire Mexico 2011

Here is the multi-versatile actress Carla Gugino looking ultra sexy in the January issue of Esquire (Mexico).  Carla talks about her various roles and her new movie “Every Day” in a recent interview with Speakeasy:

Speakeasy: Throughout “Every Day,” it’s not entirely clear if Robin is actively trying to seduce Ned. What were you thinking about her motives when you started developing the character?

Carla Gugino: “I think what’s interesting is that I don’t think she’s incredibly manipulative and I don’t think when she said, “come over to the house and we’ll order in,” she’s like, I’m going to lay this guy! But I think that her motto is, well, whatever strikes my fancy in that moment, here I go. And I think part of that certainly is her own kind of thing of I’m not going to overthink anything too much, and I know there will be consequences but I’ll deal with them later…” – read more

Carla Gugino bra
Carla Gugino tits

Photo Credit: Esquire

Carla Gugino Every Day Interview:

Carla Gugino Nude

These photos of Carla Gugino nude and covering her best asset are for a good cause.  She is promoting a Marc Jacobs campaign for melanoma to “Protect the Skin You’re In”.  If she needs a bodyguard for protection I’m there for her.  I’ll cover her skin all day, everyday.