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Carmen Electra Banging Simon Cowell?

Carmen Electra Banging Simon Cowell?

sex carmen-electra-simon-cowell

Well, I can’t say for sure Carmen Electra and Simon Cowell are banging (my guess is yes), but they are dating. According to the NY Daily News:

Carmen Electra is a winner in Simon Cowell’s eyes.

The “X Factor” judge spilled the beans on the pair’s relationship during an interview on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show Wednesday morning.

“She’s not my girlfriend,” Cowell, 53, said of the former Playboy model. “We’re people who date.”

Regardless of their relationship status, the British music mogul is clearly smitten with the 40-year-old brunette beauty. – Read more

Now it makes a little more sense why Carmen Electra was on stage acting like she could sing at the Mike Ruiz birthday party not too long ago. Simon must have been giving her compliments on her voice (I wonder why?). Do you think Simon promised her a spot on his show too?

carmen-electra-simon-cowell-2.jpg carmen-electra-simon-cowell-3.jpg carmen-electra-simon-cowell-4.jpg carmen-electra-simon-cowell-5.jpg carmen-electra-simon-cowell-6.jpg
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Video – Carmen Electra Performs “I Like It Loud”

Carmen Electra Does the Hair Bra Thing

Carmen Electra Does the Hair Bra Thing

carmen electra hair bra

Carmen Electra looks awesome in this new spread for Lovecat magazine. They should have renamed the magazine to Lovecougar for this issue with Carmen. The new issue is called The Return of the Bombshell and features other hotties such as Pamela Anderson, Sasha Grey, Rachel Hunter, Cassie and Kittens of Summer. It sounds like there could be a few ‘Bombshells’, but may also contain a couple of ‘grenades’. Be ready to duck and cover!

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Carmen Electra Had an Upskirt

Carmen Electra Had an Upskirt

carmen electra upskirt

I know we’ve already seen Carmen Electra in every angle imaginable, but somehow I’m still intrigued by her upskirt photos. I don’t know why? Does anyone else feel this way? Upskirt or not, Carmen still looks amazing in her short pink mini skirt.

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Battle of the 90’s Cougars

Battle of the 90’s Cougars

jenny mccarthy or carmen electra

These two lovely ladies dominated the late 1990’s/early 2000’s as the hottest women on the planet. Pamela Anderson was up there too and many would say she beat them both (back then). Sorry to say, that she hasn’t aged as well and she now looks like this. Of course Pamela does have a few more years in age, but that’s no excuse. Look at these two. So this battle belongs to the two MTV Queen’s of the 1990’s. Jenny McCarthy vs. Carmen Electra. You decide?

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