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Carrie Underwood Bikini Photos in Canada (UPDATE)

carrie underwood hot bikini pictures

Yes, I said Carrie Underwood bikini photos in CANADA. It’s not the typical place for celebrities to go on vacation, but I guess Carrie’s not your typical celebrity. She must have thought Canada would be the safest place to be for her to get away from the paparazzi. It turns out that’s not the case. They were still able to snap photos of her wearing a bikini and doing some paddle boarding on a “secluded” lake. Carrie’s looking pretty darn good except for that little beer belly of hers. Maybe that’s why she was trying to hide from the paps? One too many Labatt Blue beverages, ey?

UPDATE: A Motherf-ing Sh*t-ton of Carrie Underwood Bikini Ads Here

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Carrie Underwood in Elle (Canada)

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Carrie Underwood hardly ever does any sexy photoshoots. So it should be no surprise to you to see another one that’s not too sexy. I understand that she wants to keep that All-American country girl look, but it’s getting old. Spice it up a little, would you? Here are some more boring photos of Carrie from Elle (Canada). I bet even her die hard Canadian fans will find these photos boring. Wouldn’t you agree, eh?

Carrie Underwood’s Redneck Hotness

carrie underwood cleavage glamour

I bet you a million dollars that Carrie Underwood doesn’t drive a beat up truck like that. Any takers? I can’t guarantee you that my check will clear. However, I’m sure Carrie could.

Carrie Underwood Is Healthy and Normal

Carrie Underwood shows off her long, shiny and tan legs for the October 2010 issue of Women’s Health. Carrie discusses her “normal” self in the upcoming article:

“I’m the most normal person in the universe, but I’m very health conscious. I love working out. I love taking care of myself,” – read more

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More Carrie Underwood Bikini Honeymoon Photos

Carrie Underwood looks mad as she spots the paparazzi snapping photos of her in her bikini while she’s trying to enjoy her honeymoon in Tahiti.  I guess that’s what you get for wanting to be famous.  Nothing is private when your a “star”.  Sorry Carrie you should have chose a different profession.  You might as well share that sex tape with us too.

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Carrie Underwood’s Bikini Honeymoon in Tahiti

Newlywed Carrie Underwood and her husband were married a few days ago.  Here they are enjoying some sun and fun on their honeymoon in Tahiti.  Carrie recently commented on getting married to the love of her life:

“We could not feel more blessed to have found each other and to have shared this day with our friends and family that mean so much to us!” – read more

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Carrie Underwood Works Out

Carrie Underwood was seen out and about in Los Angeles after what appears to be a session with her trainer?