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Chelsea Tyler in Ocean Drive

chelsea tyler ocean drive

We introduced you to Chelsea Tyler last year, but she hasn’t done much since then. Well, here she is grabbing the spotlight again. This time on the cover of Ocean Drive. I personally think her sister Liv Tyler is the hotter one. You can’t really tell in these photos, but Chelsea’s big lips have way too much resemblance to her father Steven Tyler. She’s still a pretty girl, though.

chelsea-tyler-ocean-drive-1.jpg chelsea-tyler-ocean-drive-2.jpg chelsea-tyler-ocean-drive-3.jpg chelsea-tyler-ocean-drive-4.jpg chelsea-tyler-ocean-drive-5.jpg

Chelsea and Liv Tyler Sexy Photos

Liv Tyler's sister Chelsea

So I’m sure most of you know who Liv Tyler is, and you’ve probably seen the fat one Mia. But, have you seen the younger one Chelsea Tyler before? I haven’t and that’s why I decided to do a post for her. Here are Chelsea and her sister Liv out and about showing some sisterly love in Los Angeles.

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